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    1. The order of the printing how long construction period?
      We have for you delivery time depends on the situation of the requirements of the printing order. Our production cycle is generally within three to eight working days, usually in 4 working days. Postpress more situation, such as film, binding, pasting, die-cutting, bronzing, etc. Generally more than 7 working days, our long-term clients in ZhuoCheng enjoy rush service for free charge.
    2. How to do the printing of preparation?
       Division of of all kinds of working procedure is fine, you can find can provide you with very convenient speed express professional prepress production and considerate service, of course, we also can provide you with prepress files typesetting, design and production, we can provide you with a full set of film and proofing, we suggest you to prepare the films and proofing. So you can be sure of delivery time, maximize savings and reduce the intermediate links and expense.
    3. How to prepare for printing prepress production files?
       If you didn't have time to prepress production company complete film and proofing, we will immediately help you to complete prepress production work. You bring documents please pay attention to the following aspects, they will help you to save valuable time.
       1. Please make sure the document with all the necessary documents, please make sure the image file must be included in the document, although sometimes the image on the display, but in fact, the lack of figure or resolution is low, so please make sure the necessary images and provide enough accuracy of image files in the document. (image resolution not less than 280 pixels per inch)
      2. Don't forget to copy into the necessary fonts, be sure to confirm to provide the required style, although some font, but still needs to be embossed into the film can be a piece of the font can output. Only with the font of display and input to not waste your own time.
       3. Don't forget to put the link to the color of the image from RGB to CMYK, otherwise the piece will appear after the film color chaos phenomenon.
       4. After the Pantone color converted to CMYK color, please confirm whether can achieve the same effect. Pantone Color converted to CMYK, both tend to produce certain differences, some Pantone Color converted to CMYK, according to the experience of output can achieve the same effect, but the Process Pantone Color is CMYK can not achieve, then it can only increase the Color way to solved.
       5. Double scanning picture; Haploid output, can improve the quality of image scanning.
       6. Whether layout file set 3 mm bleeding this simple problems and often experience some senior computer expert folding halberd; Whether the colour in the typesetting software according to the color values set? So please do the final inspection.
       And film for printing proofing is the most worry YinChang reference. If for various reasons not proofing, please you must provide at least a print (color is best, don't really have, black and white), we need either of the above to check the film.
    4. The film, proofing, print, and the chromaticity difference of computer screen:
      Film and the corresponding proofing is to reduce the error and the best choice to save your cost and time with us. Proofing of the film closest to printing the finished product. Computer screen print effect than the actual printing quality bright many, not as the same reference, so the printing proofing shall prevail.
       . this is because the display color printing paper with the color formation McNair totally different. Display according to the principle of three primary colors of red, green, and blue emission ray image formation, formation of this color theory known as RGB, which is widely used in televisions and computer monitors.
       · Color print is red, yellow, blue and black four color ink printed on paper with color image formation, this principle is known as CMYK, it is widely used in four color offset printing technology.
       · Another important cause computer display and print of the obvious difference, the display's color standards. If your computer monitor school failed to correct color, so the computer display effect will be school and have correct color computer monitor has a larger difference. So please adjust according to professional and technical personnel effect also is very be necessary.
       · Printed material of different can also make the printing effect to show differences. Generally speaking: coated paper more than offset paper printing effect of bright color. < br / > Preparations for the above can help you to reduce all kinds of possible problems. To speed up the process to avoid any increase in the cost of delivery. Nonetheless, if you are missing the above each work or don't understand our proposal request, also please don't worry, we try to cooperate with you in a variety of conditions. Just could you please provide all the documents you can provide as much as possible; We will make a phone call to you at any time consulting after problems have been found to confirm the following work.
    5. The printing quotation is how to form?
       Color printing is on human behavior and the products and services the most accurate description. It brings to the human profound unforgettable first impression and feelings, it can accurate expression actively exert the greatest impact on human emotion and decision making, especially after buying decision and get customer service satisfaction. Color print is usually as one of the most important aspects of the product promotion, is the key to the success of enterprise and assistant. Customer make product promotion sales budget, will be eager to know how much is the cost of printed matter, as long as you fill in the complete our quotation, our customer service personnel will reply for you quotation. If this is your first contact to print quotation and contact YinChang work, you may also be a hindrance, so would you please read I ?
      Early printing:
      Complete film and proofing process flow is calculated on the each P, general with A4 (if less than A4 or greater than the A4 is A3, so be sure to measure out the accurate size, so that to nuclear price) is usually denominated in standard. Film is a computer, printing proofing is the most basic collar machine check color file.
      Brush seal:
      Is a key link in the process of print completed, valuation is the standard color. If there is a color, such as enterprise LOGO color or printing gold, silver, etc. Please indicate, then it will be increased from four color to 5 color, 6 color.
      Usually is the product printing quality printing after the completion of the work. Must indicate: riding nail or plastic nail, folding (fold); After printing process for film or UV, die-cutting, gilding and convex area and write clearly, packaging, packaging quantity if any special requirements please indicate. Above each process indicate that the more accurately. Price more accurate, in time, of course, and our customer service staff directly face to face communication is the best possible way. You by telephone, we will provide you with ray consulting services.
    6.Printing paper
      Paper number list
      Open count: 889 x 1194 mm (generous) open open 787 x 1092 mm (positive) split 590 x 880 folio 780 x 540 quarto four open 390 590 x 440 x 590 eight open eight open 390 420 x 290 x 420 16 open 210 x 285 x 185 32 open 210 x 285 16 open 140 32 open international A4 size 185 x 130 = 210 open = 965 x 297 mm x 297 mm p = 16 k = 1, the degree of A4 paper (used in black and white printing offset, the ancient version) 52 g ancient version of paper coated bronze offset paper thickness of 60 g = 0.03 64 g, 70 g offset paper offset paper copper = 0.04 80 g, 80 g, 105 g offset paper copper copper 100 g offset paper is 128 g, 120 g, 157 g 150 g offset paper is 200 g of copper brass.


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