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    Christmas Orders Start plastic packaging materials market rally
    發布者:admin  發布時間:2013/6/19 11:16:04  點擊:1580
      Every Christmas, plastic gift packaging industry market conditions will always usher in a new upward trend. Merchants who order their products in appearance and taste is more attractive, often in the packaging down the foot work. This is the pre-Christmas packaging materials market overall upward the main driving force. Into June, local packaging materials Raw materials used in manufacturing enterprises have received orders for the Christmas period.
      In terms of production volume, production of plastic packaging materials, packaging materials, production of all 1/4. In value terms, plastic packaging materials, packaging materials, all output value accounted for 10%. Cost-saving advantages of plastic packaging, self-evident. Plastic packaging sector has been able to get in the gift more and more applications, because plastic low density, high strength, you can get a higher yield of packaging, namely, "the volume per unit mass of packaging or packaging area size." Second, plastic molding easily, forming power consumption much lower than steel and other metal materials. And the product has good transparency and ease of coloring, to meet a variety of appearance of the visual effects.
      Our production of plastic packaging materials, has leapt to first place in the world. While encouraging the development of high-speed, but in terms of environmental protection and ecological environment it? In festivals, especially the Western Christmas, our New Year, all kinds of garbage generated heights. Just look at the June launch Christmas on packaging material orders, we can imagine.
      Reduce the festive seasons of plastic packaging waste caused by environmental stress, the most effective method is: the use of a large bottle, multi-purpose bio-plastics recycling.
      Promens plastics processors to promote large PET bottles, cosmetics now able to provide the capacity from 75ml to 500ml PET bottle. Small bottles for the launch of new products, big bottles comply with environmental requirements.
      Last month, the European Bioplastics Industry Association pointed out that the new president FrancoisdeBie, bio-plastics industry is facing a revolutionary understanding and use of the edge. Bioplastics industry average annual growth rate of over 20% in some applications is developing rapidly.
      Although the world of bio-based polymer production capacity (3.5 million tons / year) polymer production capacity only in 2011 (235 million tons / year) meager 1.5% share, manufacturers estimate that the late production capacity of bio-based polymers soared to Approximately 12 million tons / year, which is when the 400 million tons / year about 3% of total polymer.
      According to the German nova-Institut, said 2015, about 20 bio-based project started, involving BASF, Braskem and Dow Chemical Company.
      Plastic gift packaging industry of China's development road is still long way to go in the future we need to "be prepared", on how to improve product quality and safety, how to enhance value-added products, how to balance domestic and overseas markets as well as other aspects of recycling of materials under some effort, in order to ensure the sound of plastic packaging materials industry sustainable development.
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