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    Required to achieve green plastic packaging technology upgrading from six aspects
    發布者:admin  發布時間:2013/6/19 11:08:46  點擊:1500
      packaging industry has gradually become an important part of economic development one. But for now, China's packaging industry, there are many disharmony. Such discord, utilitarian now also about the country's failure to update the relevant technical standards related more with the low cost of illegal business related.
      Green packaging is the world trend of development of the packaging industry, food safety is our country now and for years the focus of remediation areas, which both pairs of plastic packaging materials has a direct impact on the development of both.
      Green plastic packaging materials not only to health, environmental protection , but also have the function of packaging and high performance. This requires plastic packaging materials companies in the following areas for further improvement and upgrading:
      First, innovation and research and development of new materials and plastics processing technology, so that more high performance plastics become packaging materials, and the use of new high-performance materials, packaging materials to achieve reduction;
      The second is to promote the plastic blends technology, plastic additives and application of new technology and development of plastic packaging materials to ensure non-toxic, health, environmental protection, under the premise that the use of low-cost technologies to enhance the performance of plastic packaging materials for reduction provide possible;
      Three is to enhance and improve plastics recycling processing technology, the plastic packaging material recycling rates increase substantially improve and eliminate plastic packaging materials causing the "white pollution" risks, improve resource utilization;
      Fourth, the development of bio-based plastics, biodegradable bioplastics effectively regulate the time and cycles, give full play to the function of biological plastic packaging materials, while reducing and eliminating plastic packaging materials, environmental pollution and ecological impact;
      Fifth, through independent research and technological innovation, reduce plastic packaging, new materials, new technology costs, avoid high costs, many meet green packaging plastic materials can not be applied to a large area of the problem;
      Sixth, the development of intelligence and other advanced packaging techniques, the use of plastic packaging material has some edible, water-soluble, etc., to reduce the amount of packaging waste generation and improve safety and environmental performance of plastic packaging.
      Likewise, the plastic packaging materials are used in food packaging. In order to avoid toxic residues inside the material of chemical pollutants migration and dissolution, which appeared food safety incidents, plastic packaging materials enterprises should give good security clearance.
      As an enterprise, in the raw material sources, and bio-degradable packaging materials has become a major highlight. Although we can not completely replace petroleum -based plastics, but in the national policy to encourage and promote the enterprise, the application of the ratio is gradually increased; as a packaging material, especially food packaging materials, security is the most basic principles that should be followed. How to ensure product performance while avoiding plasticizers, metals and other contamination of the food business to survive, development must be addressed; once again, as a society, enterprises must bear the social responsibility, do a good job packing Waste treatment and recycling of resources to work to achieve sustainable development requirements.
      First, enterprises should strengthen self-discipline, used in accordance with manufactures raw materials to produce the corresponding packaging products. Food is the thing into the population, most food safety last barrier, packaging certainly not sloppy. Meanwhile, enterprises should carry out technological innovation, technological transformation and upgrading, really toward the green, environmentally friendly direction, rather than just the concept of speculation on the green packaging.
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